Jewelry Series

Sweet Pink Bow Necklace
Cherry Love Necklace
Cutie Wings Jewelry Set
Material:925 Silver,rhinestone Length: Earrings:0.8cm(diameter of heart),tassels:3cm Necklace:40+5cm extension link,tassels:3cm
from $23.99
Pinky Heart Sweet Necklace
Material:titanium steel Length: Double heart:36+5cm extension link Big heart:40+5cm extension link
from $23.99
Pink Cherry Bow Shining Necklace
Material:Copper post,zirconia stone Earrings:3*2.4cm Necklace:43cm+5.5cm extension link Ring:adjustable  
from $22.99
Barbie Pink Heart Earrings
Material:Cooper,Zirconia stone Length:Pink heart:1*1.2cm,diameter of earrings:1cm  
Starmoon Necklace
Material:Copper,zirconia stone Length:40+6cm extension link
Sweet Pink Heart Necklace
Material:alloy,stone Length:39.5cm+5cm extension link
Blue Bubble Necklace
Purple Heart Necklace
Flora Pearl Necklace
Shining Diamond Necklace
Shining Bow Necklace

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