Little Flora Mug
Pink Cherry Mug
Vintage Bow Plate
Fairy Flora Plate
Purity Glass Bottle
Free Shipping! Size:300ml,8.6*8.5*8.2cm The irregular shape of this glass adds a touch of artistry and looks great on your kitchenware display.
Icecream Sweet Mug
Free Shipping! Size:180ml,16.5*9.5*5cm The ice-cream shaped bowl is really a big surprise for me. The shape is trendy and unique.
Happy Girl Mug
Cutie Rabbit Mug
Disney Princess Mug
Size:9.5*8.8cm This Disney Sleeping Beauty mug with its princess-like colour scheme makes you feel like being in a fairytale world,fulfilling my princess dreams.The soft pink color is my favorite.  
Pinky Flora Plate
Colorful Cloud Plate
Free Shipping! Size:18*25.5cm Cloud dinner plate in crafted stoneware with colorful pattern,which can bring us sunshine mood everyday!
Bubble Peach Mug
8.5*8.5cm,400ml Unique shape Both cup and bubble being hollowed out A beautiful sight on the table Heat resistance: 120 degrees Glass products are not suitable for use in microwave ovens, ovens and dishwashers
Flora Fairytale Mug
9.5*7.5cm,220ml These mugs are oil painting series. The Morandi colour scheme and the delicate floral  paintings make you feel like you are on holiday in a quiet idyll.
Flora Garden Mug
Pink Rose:10*8.5cm,350ml Pink/Blue Tulip:10*9cm,350ml Bellflower:11*8.5cm,350ml The Garden Collection mug immerses us in a dreamy setting. Let's relax with them. 
Dreamy Starmoon Mug
250ml Mug:8.5*7cm Plate:16.5*2cm The combination of stars and the moon make you feel soft and comfortable.

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